Se aefen cymth (As Tears Go By)

by MAY

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Lēofa Mick Jagger,
wē wȳscaþ þē fæġeres ġebyrddæġes, ealles þæs betstan and ġȳt fela gesǣliġra gēara.
And wē willaþ þām Ġesamnodan Cynedōme þancian ealles þæs fæġeran drēames þone þe hē ūrum lande and eallum ōðrum forġeaf.

Dear Mick Jagger,
we wish you a happy birthday, all the best and still many happy years.
And we want to thank the United Kingdom for all the beautiful music
that it gave to our and all the other countries.


Se ǣfen cymþ
Hit is þæt ylċe* ǣlċe dæġ:
Se ǣfen cymþ, ne frēfran mæġ.
Ċildru plegian iċ ġesēo,
ac nā mid mē.
Se ǣfen cymþ and bringþ ā sār.

Iċ wille wendan sume þing.
Iċ wille fēlan līfes sting.
Eall iċ wāt, is se weġ,
þe iċ leng ne gangan mæġ.
Se ǣfen cymþ and bringþ nū wēn.

Đǣr is nū wuldor** ǣlċe dæġ.
Se ǣfen cymþ, me frēfran mæġ.
Iċ dō þing, iċ niste mā.
Mē līcaþ swā.
Se ǣfen cymþ and bringþ nū sǣl.


released July 26, 2020
// Music produced and performed by MAY
// Written by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Andrew Loog Oldham
// Old English (Anglo-Saxon) text by Fritz Stieleke (Anglo-Saxonist, former visiting lecturer of Old English, Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf)


all rights reserved



MAY Düsseldorf, Germany

An independent rock band from the heart of Europe. Emotional borderline. Fire and brimstone.

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